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Create Your Unique Radical Resilience Blueprint on a Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Level.

Health, medical and caregiver coaching to enable people to navigate challenges in an empowering way.

Everyone has a unique Resilience Blueprint.

This blueprint is the foundation of who we are, the roadmap to our quality of life and the way we navigate through life’s turbulences in our journey towards well-being.

Shalom, I’m Shiri

I have spent the last two decades working with individuals on discovering and creating their unique Radical Resilience blueprints in the face of a health challenge or Medical Crisis.

I have coached over 5000 people and no two clients were alike.

The need to be seen, heard, understood, and respected is the foundation of every transformational journey.  My goal is to be the resource of knowledge, support, skills and motivation you need to create the well-being you desire.

shiri ben arzi coaching
Work with me

Work with me

1:1 Coaching

Health, Wellness, Medical and Caregiver coaching for individuals seeking to cope better with current challenges, increase their resilience and wellbeing.

Group Coaching

Health and caregiver coaching groups for individuals coping with health and medical challenges seeking to increase their resilience and wellbeing.

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"I have the utmost respect for Shiri and her commitment to Medical Coaching; she is the groundbreaking pioneer who has laid the groundwork for a transformational profession, to support people in becoming senior to their conditions. She knows from the inside out what it takes to lead, inspire, and change the old paradigm."

-Chérie Carter-Scott, Ph.D. MCC,

The "Mother of Coaching" since 1974

"You have a unique ability to see things in a very realistic and true way, through which you can help people deal/manage certain situations. The solutions you offer are usually simple and executable and that you don't suggest crazy or unrealistic actions to resolve problems."

-Talya L.

Risk management consultant

"Shiri embodies the very essence of coaching. Whether it be for medical coaching, health and wellness coaching or mentor coaching, Shiri evokes and inspires whatever might be blocking us or holding us back. The behavior changes I made after coaching with Shiri have stayed with me and her thought-provoking words of wisdom pop into my mind daily."

-Ellen Kocher,

Master Health and Wellness Coach

Ready for change?

Life is happening now. Let's start.

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